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Enhancing the future of Education for everyone.

Introducing Dahlia

Dahlia is a conversational AI system that helps tutor students in Math, Science, Computer Science and English. Whenever a student needs help, Dahlia is ready to provide support through a simple to use conversational interface.

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Young Blonde Man


Hey! I'm having trouble solving for x, could you show me how to do this?

Of course! What is the equation you are having trouble with?

Start a conversation with Dahlia by tapping the microphone below

Young Blonde Man


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Let's first start by moving everything from one side to the other. So in this case, we should start by moving 3 over to the left side, by doing the "opposite". So we'd subtract 3 from both sides like this:

2x + 3 = 0
2x = -3


Interaction that feels human.

Humans express themselves and ask questions with words. Dahlia uses state-of-the-art language understanding technology to make a highly natural user experience for whatever the Student's needs are. While Dahlia is most capable of helping students with school work, Samantha can also provide support for when students need it most. Our system is open domain, meaning it's capable of talking to students about anything.

Studying in the Library

Hey! How is school going today?

Students looking at screen

A unique experience for every student.

Each individual has different learning styles and needs that current educational software does not offer. Dahlia can learn from each student to better understand how they learn best and offer a highly personalized experience.

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Support for 130 languages

Dahlia is capable of communicating with students in many languages across the world, so no student is left behind. 

Request access to our beta

Let's chat about how we can enhance your classroom's learning. 

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