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Detect AI-generated text with unprecedented accuracy

Verify is a tool for educators, HR professionals, copywriters, content moderators and more to detect AI-generated text with 93% accuracy. 

Detect the source of text with


Verify is a tool that can offer you a second set of eyes to understand the source of what you are reading. In the age of AI-generated text from systems like ChatGPT, Verify is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

One tool with many use cases.

Essay and assignment integrity

Use Verify text detector to validate if a students work is authentically written and not computer generated. Currently, traditional plagirism detectors cannot catch computer generated text.

HR Resume Verification

Induviduals in HR deal with many job applications, and it now it will become harder to tell if a resume was was written by a person. Verify can help you find honest candidates faster.

Copywriting content approval

Marketing agencies want the best copy, especially if they hire an external firm. Verify can help save you from recieving machine generated content.

Detect in 130+ languages.

Verify is the only text detector on the market with multilingual capabilities. We feel it is important that the widest range of individuals have access to great technology.

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Find a plan to fit your needs. All accounts have access to multilingual capabilities and can detect text of any length.


10 detections per month, just sign up for an account.


Try 10 days for free

  • Unlimited detections per month 

  • Unlimited document uploading + file detection

  • Developer API Access

  • Priority access to the latest detection technology.

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